Real Wealth Isn’t Only About Money

We live in a world where money controls almost all of our actions. We eat, travel, and learn using money. In our modern age, we may be considered wealthy if we own an expensive car, are able to live in our dream home, or can travel abroad for leisure. However, there are some things that can’t be bought, even by the richest people on earth.

To many people, wealth is measured by monetary possessions. It may be the number and quality of assets we have. It may be about the possession of an expensive sports car. It may be the capacity to eat in a well-refined restaurant. Many believe that the more things we have that other people cannot easily acquire, the happier we’ll become. But true wealth cannot be found in these things.

Real wealth isn’t only about the financial aspect. The true meaning of wealth is the ability to share it with other people, most especially with the less fortunate. Happiness and fulfillment can only be achieved once we learn and experience sharing what we have.

Becoming rich is one of our ambitions in life. But lending a helping hand will make us more fulfilled and successful. According to a study by Harvard Business School professor Mr. Michael Norton, giving a portion of our money to help other people tends to lift up our well-being, as opposed to spending it all on ourselves. It only shows that sharing our wealth with others will have a more positive impact on our lives.

money is not everything

Though most of our actions are driven by our personal interests and needs, acts of serving others can make us more fulfilled. There is satisfaction in giving and this can only be achieved by setting aside our own interests and considering more the needs of others. We’re not obliged to give 100% of our possessions, but we have the choice to give what is due and should be given to others. We can make other’s lives better if we perform a generous act.

Once we achieve financial success, we would do well to start doing charitable deeds. There are charities and non-profit organizations out there that can help us in reaching this goal. A small amount of money we can contribute won’t reduce our wealth. Giving small amounts, but giving more frequently would be better. It can benefit more charities and organizations, as opposed to sharing only one time. Doing it will not only make a difference in our lives, but in others’ as well.

Aside from directly donating money, there are also other ways that we can maximize our intention to help others. We may give to a specific program or project. Giving to a more realistic, concrete and tangible entity tends to have a more direct impact. Furthermore, we should give without expecting anything in return. We should never expect anything from the charities we intend to help.

Giving publicly may also be considered. It’s not about boasting about what you can give, but about making an impact on society. It aims to encourage more people to help a specific charity or program, and to let them know that they’re not alone in this deed.

It’s good to buy what we want and what we really need, but we should also focus our attention on those things money cannot buy. Wealth doesn’t define happiness, but sharing with others does. You’ll receive more in return once you perform an act of kindness toward other people.

2 Replies to “Real Wealth Isn’t Only About Money”

  1. Health, family and friends are far more important than money. You can have all the riches in the world but if you don’t have these three, you can’t really enjoy life at it’s fullest.

  2. Money is not only the thing that revolves in this world. The real wealth is helping by donating to the charity or the unfortunate ones. That’s why there is a saying, “It is better to give than to receive.”

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